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The aim is to be able to produce enough food, feed, fiber and renewable raw materials for a growing world population on the limited land available. This is one goal of the Crop Science Division, which has businesses in crop protection, seeds and nonagricultural applications.

Crop Protection and Seeds

Crop protection products should act selectively in the smallest possible amounts and then quickly decompose into neutral substances. Modern insecticides control insect pests while sparing pollinators and other beneficial insects. Herbicides selectively suppress weeds without harming the crop. And many fungicides serve to make plants more resistant to microscopic pathogens. In their search for new active ingredients, our researchers are increasingly guided by nature’s strategies. Bayer is adding a growing number of biological crop protection products to its extensive range alongside sophisticated chemicals.

Farmer Phan Van Giang uses a hybrid rice from Bayer that produces higher yields even in difficult years.

Our seeds are adapted to local soil and climatic conditions and give high yields. When breeding new varieties, we also take into account consumer requirements, such as the flavor of vegetables. Whether their work focuses on rice, vegetables, cotton or oilseed rape / canola, our research centers worldwide always have the same goals: to protect harvests from diseases, insect pests and encroaching weeds and to improve plant health, thus increasing yields and improving crop quality. We have expanded our research activities to include two new core crops – wheat and soybeans. To build a leading wheat seed business with high-yielding, robust varieties, we operate breeding stations in the wheatgrowing regions of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ukraine and the United States.

The Crop Science strategy is built on four key elements:

  • enhancing the Crop Protection portfolio by developing more integrated solutions for major crops
  • increasing customer centricity along the entire value chain
  • leading the way in innovation in chemical and biological crop protection, seeds and the further development of digital farming
  • expanding our seed footprint – especially for soybeans and wheat – through further acquisitions, in-licensing agreements and partnerships


In India, the Crop Science Division has businesses in seeds, crop protection and non-agricultural pest control. It is organized into operating units: Crop Protection, Seeds and Environmental Science.


Crop Protection and Seeds markets a broad portfolio of high value seeds along with innovative chemical and biological pest management solutions, at the same time providing extensive customer service for modern and sustainable agriculture. Environmental Science focuses on non-agricultural applications, with a broad portfolio of pest control products and services for areas ranging from the home and garden.


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