Bayer-ADT partnership

Working for the benefit of small and marginal farmers

In this age and time, investments in innovation and technology play a vital role in transforming Indian agriculture. Precision farming using sensors, GIS-based (geographic information system) soil, weather, and water data to guide farming decisions, mobile internet-based farm extension and market information services combined with mechanization will result in generating more value in the farm sector.

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Bayer and Agriculture Development Trust (ADT), Malegaon signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on January 17, 2019 to work together to create a flourishing ecosystem for AgTech innovation and development. They will collaborate to offer opportunities to explore technological solutions for the benefit of small and marginal farmers.

As part of the MoU, they will also hold scouting events for agricultural innovations, food, life sciences and related sectors such as data sciences from all over India. Additionally, they will identify and shortlist modern, scalable and suitable agricultural technologies for further development and promotion.

The partnership with ADT is also to support agri-entrepreneurs in testing their technology inside laboratories as well as on the farmer’s field, making business plans, providing insights into market economics, marketing, assisting with supply chain inputs and access to market. In addition, the MoU will provide access to need based legal and IPR advisory services for eligible incubatees.

This MOU has been signed under the aegis of Corporate Societal Engagement (CSE) initiatives in India.

Suhas Joshi, Head, Corporate Social Responsibility, South Asia

The idea is to provide academic expertise to mentor agricultural technologies, promote institutional exchanges by inviting experts from partner institutions to participate in a variety of project related activities and professional development