Breast Cancer Awareness

Supporting social pioneers in health

Bayer encourages and supports novel approaches to solving challenges in healthcare and nutrition. In India, we work together with the winners to help expand a positive social impact.

In 2017, Mihir Shah, Matthew Campisi and Bhaumik Sanghvi from India won the global Aspirin Social Innovation Award by the Bayer Foundation, for developing the ‘iBreastExam’ – a handheld breast cancer screening device. The Aspirin Social Innovation Award honors disruptive impact innovations in health and nutrition from around the world that have the potential to bring about systematic change for the rising billions in need. The award is endowed with EUR 100,000€. Five winners receive prize money of 20,000€ each.

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About the device
iBreastExam’ is a hand-held device which facilitates:

  • Pain less
  • Needle less
  • Non-Invasive
  • Radiation Free
  • Screening: <15 minutes

Taking this a step forward, Bayer India partnered with MyCliniCare to spread awareness on early detection of breast cancer and encourage screening with ‘iBreastExam’. Developed with highly advanced technologies, the iBreastExam offers a safe preventive measure without any radiation or pain.

Suhas Joshi, Head, Corporate Social Responsibility, South Asia

In India, Bayer Prayas supports and funds pioneering innovation projects like iBreastExam, Discovering Hands & Program for Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence against women and children in India. We want to work on behalf of a Better Life

Bayer Prayas, a section 8 company and non-profit organization of Bayer in India, undertakes Corporate Societal Engagement activities.