Policy for Preservation of Documents

The Policy is framed in accordance with the requirements of Regulation 9 and 30 (8) of Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 (“Listing Regulations”).

The Listing Regulation requires the Board of Directors of the Company to frame a Policy for Archival & Preservation of Documents (“Policy”) classifying them into two categories:

  • Documents whose preservation shall be permanent in nature; and
  • Documents to be preserved for not less than eight years.

The Documents that are required to be maintained under this Policy are preserved considering their importance, usefulness and information. The Company do recognize that all the documents whether in physical or electronic mode, forms an important and integral part of the Company’s records. The preservation of documents is important in order to ensure immediate access to the records, its retrieval and authentication.

The Board of Directors of Bayer CropScience Limited (BCSL/Company) has adopted the Policy for Archival and Preservation of Documents at its Board Meeting held on February 02, 2016.

Policy for Preservation of Documents (PDF, English, 99 KB)