Local, Global Publications and Downloads

Annual Reports - Local
The Annual Reports for Bayer CropScience Ltd. in India provide information on the Board of Directors, Directors' Report, Corporate Governance Report, Finance Statements and Product Launches. more

Financial Reports

Integrated Annual Reports
Financial and sustainability reporting are combined in the Integrated Annual Report. Our aim in integrating the two previous publications is to elucidate the interactions between financial, ecological and societal factors and underline their influence on our company’s long-term development. more

Quarterly Reports
Our three-monthly reports keep you posted about the current fiscal year. more


Bayer Magazine
The digital magazine offers interesting glimpses of Bayer’s global scope as a life-science company.

BEENOW – The Bee Health Magazine
The BEENOW magazine presents Bayer’s efforts to unite partners from around the world, including research institutes and universities, beekeepers, farmers and industry partners, to jointly tackle the various challenges bees are facing. more

“Farming’s Future” Magazine
The Bayer magazine “Farming's Future” presents solutions for a better life through sustainable agriculture.more

research Magazine
research is a lavishly designed magazine containing easy-to-read scientific articles concerned with Bayer research. more

“technology solutions” Magazine
The customer magazine “technology solutions” shows how Bayer drives innovation in technology. more


“From Molecules to Medicine” Brochure
In this brochure, Bayer cordially invites you to join us on a tour through our research departments to gain an insight into the work of our scientists. In ten chapters you can follow a new drug as it develops from a molecule to a medicine. more

“From Molecules to Veterinary” Medicine
Like humans, animals sometimes need medicines to stay or get healthy. With this brochure, we invite you to join us on a journey to see how a molecule becomes a medicine to help animals. more

“Integrated Weed Management” Brochure
This science-based guide to the way ahead in weed control gives you detailed answers to the question of how to fight weed resistance and maximize your yields. more

“Names | Figures | Facts” Brochure
Bayer from A to Z: our brief profile contains all the key information about the Bayer Group. more

"Transparency on Transfers of Value to Physicians”  Brochure

Pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals collaborate in a range of activities in preclinical research, clinical development as well as clinical practice and patient outcome. We at Bayer are convinced that making this collaboration more transparent, helps to contribute towards a better understanding of the importance and value of this relationship for medical care. more