Puma® Power

Puma Power is containing Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl as active ingredient is a selective herbicide which controls canary grass and wild oats effectively in wheat. It is a post-emergent herbicide solution which offers wide flexibility in application window. It is very safe to succeeding crops and also dicot crops grown as mixed cropping.

Mode of Action :

The active ingredient of Puma Power, Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl is quickly taken up by the leaves and stems of the grassy weeds.Biochemically, Puma Power predominantly inhibits the synthesis of fatty acids in the meristem tissues of the grassy weeds. Herbicide Resistance Action Committee (HRAC) Classification Group A

Advantages :

  • Flexible application window and low dosages:Puma Power is very flexible as far as time of application is concerned. It gives a high level of control against most annual grassy weeds from the two-leaf to mid-tillering stage at low dosages.
  • Remarkably versatile:Puma Power is a versatile herbicide and can be used in all important broad leaved crops.
  • Broad Spectrum: Puma Power has a wide spectrum of activity and controls most of the important grassy weeds.
  • Weed control independent of soil type: Puma Power is taken up via the green plant tissues of the weed and not via the roots. It thus works independently of soil type.
  • Safe to succeeding crops: Since Puma Power is rapidly broken down in the soil there is no possibility of damage to either mono or dicotyledonous crops grown in the following season.

Recommendations for Use:

Time of Application: The optimum time of application is during 4-5 leaf stage of wheat crop. This coincides with 30-35 days after sowing. Puma Power has wide application window ranging from 2 leaf to the tillering stage of Phalaris minor or annual grasses and should be used when maximum weed emergence has taken place. Due to its selectivity, Puma Power can be applied regardless of the growth stages of the crop.


Knapsack sprayer fitted with flat fan nozzle is recommended.





Waiting Period(days)

a.i. (g)

Formulation (ml)

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Canary grass (Phalaris minor)