• This is Bayer Global

Advancing life - that's what we at Bayer are all about. We put ourselves to the test day in, day out. All together. All over the world. With enthusiasm for new ideas.


Our Purpose & Strategic Levers

The steadily growing and
aging global population presents fundamental challenges for the human needs health and food

Profile & Organization

Names, Facts & Figures

Bayer is a Life Science company with a more than 150-year history and core competencies in the areas of health care and agriculture.


For a Better Life

Advancing health and nutrition is what we do best and care about most.



Our Values

What we stand for

Our corporate culture is built
on our LIFE values: Leadership, Integrity,
Flexibility and Efficiency.


Societal Needs

Our contribution to a better life

The aging and expanding world population requires new and better medicines, as well as a much larger and more reliable food supply.


Corporate Compliance

Conducting the Business According to Applicable Law and Company Rules

At Bayer we firmly believe that compliance is our license to operate worldwide