Products from A to Z

Our broad product portfolio includes many world-famous brands which have shaped the iconic Bayer brand. With our innovative products*, we help to make life better.

AclonifenBayer VapiActive Ingredients
Admire®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Adora®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Herbicides
Adue™Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Herbicides
Advantix® Spot onAnimal HealthCompanion Animal Products
Advocate® Spot onAnimal HealthCompanion Animal Products
Agenda®Environmental ScienceProfessional Pest Management
Alanto®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Alaspan® AGBayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Alaspan® AMBayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Alaspan® SyrupBayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Alaspan® TabletsBayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Aliette®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Fungicides
Alion® PlusCrop ScienceCrop Protection - Herbicides
Alpha Cypermethrin (Alphamethrin)Bayer VapiActive Ingredients
Ambition®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Crop Efficiency
Angiografin®Bayer Zydus PharmaDiagnostic Imaging
Antracol®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Fungicides
Arize® (Rice)Crop ScienceCrop Seeds
Asuntol® SoapAnimal HealthCompanion Animal Products
Atlantis®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Herbicides
Barcelo® GranulesEnvironmental ScienceVector Management
Barcelo® TBEnvironmental ScienceVector Management Attivo deodorantAnimal HealthCompanion Animal Products conditioning ShampooAnimal HealthCompanion Animal Products Deoclin deodorantAnimal HealthCompanion Animal Products Herbal Hair grower shampooAnimal HealthCompanion Animal Products Moisturising and Antiseptic ShampooAnimal HealthCompanion Animal Products
BayAce™Bayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Baycip®Bayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Baycip® TZBayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Baycox® BayzymeAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Baycox® OralAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Bayer’s® Tonic SyrupBayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Baymix Concebov™Animal HealthFarm Animal Products
Baymix Latibon ® Plus MEAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Baymix Pecutrin™Animal HealthFarm Animal Products
Baymix Phocal LiquidAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Baymix Vigest™Animal HealthFarm Animal Products
Bayrocin 10% InjectionAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Bayrocin Tablet 150mgAnimal HealthCompanion Animal Products
Bayrocin® OralAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Bayrocin® TabletAnimal HealthCompanion Animal Products
Bayrocin®1 Shot InjectionAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Bayticol® Pour-OnAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Belt® ExpertCrop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Beta CyfluthrinBayer VapiActive Ingredients
Betaferon™Bayer Zydus PharmaSpecialty Medicine
Bi Larv™Animal HealthFarm Animal Products
Bi-Larv™Environmental ScienceVector Management
Bolfo® PowderAnimal HealthCompanion Animal Products
Bolfo® ShampooAnimal HealthCompanion Animal Products
Bollgard® & Bollgard®IICrop ScienceTraits
Bomatak BolusAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Bottom CleanAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Canesten® PowderBayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Canesten® CreamBayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Canesten® SolnBayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Canesten® V'6Bayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Canesten®'S' CreamBayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Canesten®'V' CreamBayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Catosal® InjectionAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Confidor®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Confidor® SuperCrop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Council® activCrop ScienceCrop Protection - Herbicides
CyfluthrinBayer VapiActive Ingredients
Cypermethric Acid - CMABayer VapiIntermediates
Cypermethric Acid Chloride (CMAC)Bayer VapiIntermediates
CypermethrinBayer VapiActive Ingredients
Decis® 100Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Decis®2.8Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
DEKALB®  (Corn)Crop ScienceCrop Seeds
DeltamethrinBayer VapiActive Ingredients
Diane® 35Bayer Zydus PharmaWomen's Healthcare
Drontal® Plus TabletAnimal HealthCompanion Animal Products
Drontal® Puppy Oral SuspensionAnimal HealthCompanion Animal Products
Emesto® PrimeCrop ScienceCrop Protection - Seed Growth
EthofumesateBayer VapiActive Ingredients
Ethrel®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - PGR
Euglim M®Bayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Euglim®Bayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
EverGol® XtendCrop ScienceCrop Protection - Seed Growth
Exel Aqua™ Basic - CarpAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Exel Aqua™ Basic - ShrimpAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Eylea™Bayer Zydus PharmaSpecialty Medicine
Fame®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Femovan™Bayer Zydus PharmaWomen's Healthcare
Flotis®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
FlumethrinBayer VapiActive Ingredients
Folicur®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Fungicides
Fostine®Bayer Zydus PharmaWomen's Healthcare
Gadovist®Bayer Zydus PharmaDiagnostic Imaging 
Gaucho®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Seed Growth
Glamore®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Glucobay M®Bayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Glucobay®Bayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Grobig™ BSAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Grosol™ TonicAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Incid-Air™Bayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Incid-L® SyrupBayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Incid-L® tabBayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine 
Incid-MD™Bayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Incid-Ultra™Bayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Infinito®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Fungicides
Jump™Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Kiltix® CollarAnimal HealthCompanion Animal Products
Kingfog®Environmental ScienceVector Management
K-Obiol®Environmental ScienceProfessional Pest Management
K-Othrine® 2.5 WPEnvironmental ScienceVector Management
K-Othrine® FlowEnvironmental ScienceProfessional Pest Management
Larvin®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Laudis®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Herbicides
Lesenta®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Luciara®Bayer Zydus PharmaWomen's Healthcare 
Lucifer®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Herbicides
Luna® ExperienceCrop ScienceCrop Protection - Fungicides
Luprofact™Bayer Zydus PharmaWomen's Healthcare
Luprofact™ 4 Bayer Zydus PharmaWomen's Healthcare
Magnevist®Bayer Zydus PharmaDiagnostic Imaging
Maxforce® ForteEnvironmental ScienceProfessional Pest Management
Megaflex™ PowderAnimal HealthCompanion Animal Products
Melody® DuoCrop ScienceCrop Protection - Fungicides
Menodac®Bayer Zydus PharmaWomen's Healthcare
Metaphenoxybenzal Alcohol (MPBA)Bayer VapiIntermediates
Metaphenoxybenzaldehyde – Normal & Special Grade (MPBD)Bayer VapiIntermediates
Metbay® Extended Release tabletsBayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Mirena® IUSBayer Zydus PharmaWomen's Healthcare
Momiji®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Herbicides
Monceren®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Fungicides
Monceren®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Seed Growth
Movento®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Movento® EnergyCrop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Mycospor® CreamBayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Nativo®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Fungicides
Negasunt® PowderAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Nexavar™Bayer Zydus PharmaSpecialty Medicine
Noklot®Bayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Nommonia™Animal HealthFarm Animal Products
Nublexa®Bayer Zydus PharmaSpecialty Medicine
Oberon®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Ovidac®Bayer Zydus PharmaWomen's Healthcare
PermethrinBayer VapiActive Ingredients
Planofix®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - PGR
Polaramine® SyrupBayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Polaramine® TabletsBayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
PondDtox®Animal HealthFarm Animal Products
PondPlusAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Premise®Environmental ScienceProfessional Pest Management
Proagro®  (Mustard)Crop ScienceCrop Seeds
Proagro®  (Pearl Millet)Crop ScienceCrop Seeds
Profiler®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Fungicides
Progynova®Bayer Zydus PharmaWomen's Healthcare
Quick Bayt®Environmental ScienceProfessional Pest Management
Racumin Sure®Environmental ScienceProfessional Pest Management
Rafoben™ BolusAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Raft™Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Herbicides
Raxil ®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Seed Growth
Raxil® EasyCrop ScienceCrop Protection - Seed Growth
Regent® GoldCrop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Regent® GRCrop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Regent® SCCrop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Regent® ultraCrop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Remedor™ ShieldAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Remedor™ VxAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Resochin®Bayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Responsar®Environmental ScienceProfessional Pest Management
Responsar® 1LAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Ricestar®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Herbicides
Rovio™Bayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Sectin®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Herbicides
Seminis® (Vegetables)Crop ScienceCrop Seeds
Sencor®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Herbicides
Seresto Collar Animal HealthCompanion Animal Products
Solfac® EWEnvironmental ScienceProfessional Pest Management
Solfac® WPEnvironmental ScienceVector Management
Solomon®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Solumox™ 400Animal HealthFarm Animal Products
SpintorCrop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Spye®Bayer Zydus PharmaWomen's Healthcare  
Sunrice®Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Herbicides
Surpass® (Cotton)Crop ScienceCrop Seeds
Topstar™Crop ScienceCrop Protection - Herbicides
Toxisorb™ PremiumAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
TransfluthrinBayer VapiActive Ingredients
Ultravist®Bayer Zydus PharmaDiagnostic Imaging
Urografin®Bayer Zydus PharmaDiagnostic Imaging
Urovison®Bayer Zydus PharmaDiagnostic Imaging
Vageston® CapsulesBayer Zydus PharmaWomen's Healthcare
Vageston® InjBayer Zydus PharmaWomen's Healthcare
Velcote™ liquidAnimal HealthCompanion Animal Products
Velum® PrimeCrop ScienceCrop Protection - Insecticides
Virasure® AquaticAnimal HealthFarm Animal Products
Visanne®Bayer Zydus PharmaWomen's Healthcare
Whip® SuperCrop ScienceCrop Protection - Herbicides
Xarelto®Bayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Xirtam AM ™Bayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Xirtam®Bayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Xirtam® HBayer Zydus PharmaGeneral Medicine
Yasmin®Bayer Zydus PharmaWomen's Healthcare
Yaz®Bayer Zydus PharmaWomen's Healthcare