Bayer CropScience


Bayer CropScience offers its customers an outstanding range of products including high-value seeds, innovative crop protection solutions based on chemical and biological modes of action, and extensive service back-up for modern, sustainable agriculture. A further focus is on non-agricultural applications.


The business of Bayer CropScience is organized into three operating segments: Crop Protection, Seeds and Environmental Science. Crop Protection and Seeds market a portfolio of high value seeds and traits along with innovative chemical and biological pest management solutions. Environmental Science focuses on non-agricultural applications, with a broad portfolio of pest control products and services for areas ranging from the home and garden sector to forestry.


Crop Protection

  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Fungicides
  • Plant Growth Regulators
  • SeedGrowth



Brand Application
Admire® Insecticide
Adora™ Herbicide
Adue Herbicide
Alanto® Insecticide
Aliette® Fungicide
Antracol® Fungicide
Atlantis® Herbicide
Basta® Herbicide
Baycor® Fungicide
Belt Expert® Insecticide
Confidor® Insecticide
Confidor® Super Insecticide
Decis® 100 Insecticide
Decis® 2.8 Insecticide
Ethrel® Plant Growth Regulator
Fame® Insecticide
Flotis® Insecticide
Folicur® Fungicide
Gaucho® SeedGrowth
Glamore® Insecticide
Hocusia® Insecticide
Jump™ Insecticide
Larvin® Insecticide
Laudis® Herbicide
Lesenta® Insecticide
Lucifer Herbicide

Melody® Duo



Nativo® Fungicide
Oberon® Insecticide
Planofix® Plant Growth Regulator
Profiler® Fungicide
Raft™ Herbicide
Raxil® SeedGrowth
Raxil® Easy SeedGrowth
Regent® GR Insecticide
Regent® SC Insecticide
Ricestar™ Herbicide
Sectin™ Fungicide
Sencor® Herbicide
Solitude® Herbicide
Solomon® Insecticide
Spintor® Insecticide
Sunrice® Herbicide
Topstar™ Herbicide
Whip® Super Herbicide
  *in alphabetical order


  • Crop Seeds
  • Vegetable Seeds



Products Application

Arize® (Rice)

Crop Seeds
ProAgro® (Mustard) Crop Seeds
ProAgro® (Pearl Millet) Crop Seeds

Surpass® (Cotton)

Crop Seeds

Environmental Science

  • Professional Pest Control
  • Vector Control



Products Application
Agenda® Professional Pest Control
Baytex® Vector Control
Barcelo® Granules Vector Control
Barcelo® TB Vector Control
Bi-Larv™ Vector Control
K-Obiol® Professional Pest Control
K-Othrine® Flow Professional Pest Control
K-Othrine® 2.5 WP Vector Control
Kingfog® Vector Control
Maxforce® Forte Professional Pest Control
Premise® Professional Pest Control
Quick Bayt® Professional Pest Control
Racumin® Sure Professional Pest Control
Responsar® Professional Pest Control
Solfac® EW 050 Professional Pest Control
Solfac® 10 WP Vector Control