Livelihood programs

Indian woman carrying branches

At Bayer, we believe that empowering girls and women, can lead to a significant boost in economic growth, and is central for sustainable development and achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. By providing women with skills, resources, and support they need, can help them to achieve economic independence and improve their lives.


Empowering over 1400 women through livelihood diversification

Women Participant

Women empowerment is integral to bringing about economic growth of the family and society at large. To enable this social transformation and to assist women to be financially independent, Bayer initiated an empowerment program in Malegaon & Telangana, wherein we worked closely with ~150 Self Help Groups (SHGs).


Our concerted focus and strides on women empowerment through our projects are aimed to unlock their potential, narrow the gender gap and provide opportunities for social entrepreneurship.

Nimgaon village participant

This project focused on:

  • Enhancing the governance abilities of SHG leaders of the group and help establish robust linkages to the collective.
  • Identification & diversification of entrepreneurial capabilities of group members.
  • Developing attitudinal and behavioral attributes of the members to sustain a group entrepreneurial venture.
  • Improving the digital skills for marketing and financial transactions and to expand the capacity of women in terms of earned revenue.



Skilling women to enhance income generation

Skill development is acute for India’s economic growth and social development. To achieve gender equality and to help create an equitable world, Bayer conducted skill development training programs for unemployed women in the Health Sector at Raichur, Karnataka and Bharaich, Uttar Pradesh.


The initiative aimed at enhancing income generation opportunities for woman through short term training program in the Pharma sector. In all, 68 women were trained to be Assistant Pharmacist.