About Radiology at Bayer

Everyone deserves clear answers about their health, starting with an early and accurate diagnosis. As a true life-science company with around 100 years’ in Radiology, Bayer is committed to providing excellence in imaging, from innovative products to high-quality services.


Our portfolio in India includes contrast media for computed tomography (CT), X-Ray, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), alongside devices for precise contrast media administration. These are complemented with informatics solutions to support optimal patient care, as well as acknowledged educational programs.


In addition, Bayer has a strong commitment in research and development including contrast media and leverages artificial intelligence to drive digital innovation in medical imaging. Each of these offerings serves one purpose: to help radiologists in their mission to deliver answers and a clear direction for patients – from diagnosis to care.




Facts & figures

As a true life science company, Bayer understands where treatment starts: With an early and precise diagnosis. Radiologists have a unique ability to provide clear direction during moments of uncertainty in a patient’s clinical journey.


Our dedication to quality in everything we do supports Radiologists to focus on patient care – which is everything that counts. Clear Direction – From Diagnosis to Care.




Continuously Evolving Innovative Patient Care

For approximately 100 years, we have pioneered products and services to enhance medical imaging. Today, we continue to be a preferred partner to radiologists and other physicians as they work to provide the best care for patients. We provide radiologists with a portfolio of products that enhance medical imaging and facilitate greater efficiency with a focus on image acquisition.




PP-PF-RAD-IN-0030-1, Approved Jan 2021.