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Sharda Gupta

Sharda Gupta

Sharda Gupta is the Head of Global Business Services (GBS), India. She leads a global team across 50 countries that supports financial, accounting, public procurement, and global transformation and process management for Bayer. Before this role, Sharda has worked in various capacities at Bayer, including on global smallholder farmers' digital transformation initiatives as part of our global agricultural initiative.

Did you know?

Sharda is a certified yoga practitioner and an avid traveler who enjoys exploring new places and cultures.

Sharda has over 25 years of experience in leveraging technology and engineering for Fortune 500 companies. Digital transformation, client value and delivery excellence are the fundamental driving forces for her. Her areas of expertise encompass technical knowledge, talent acquisition, mentoring, team management, and increased efficiency. She holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Mumbai.


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