Bayer CropScience Limited

Corporate Governance

Good Corporate Governance is a key pillar of Bayer CropScience Limited’s (“BCSL/ Company”) growth strategy. The strategic orientation of this approach is rooted in the enhancement of long-term shareholder value, while protecting the  interests of other stakeholders.


At BCSL, Corporate Governance practices go beyond the legal requirements, and are derived from the Company’s vision and common values, which form the basis of the mutually respectful working relationship between the employees and the external partners. 


BCSL believes in the importance of building shareholder trust. It adheres to the highest levels of ethical business practices, as ingrained in the Bayer Code of Conduct and Corporate Compliance Policy, which lays down the guidelines for ethical conduct by the Directors, officers and employees.


The Board of Directors are committed to a responsible and transparent style of management and supervision, aim at increasing the Company’s value over the long term. The Company’s corporate culture is built on its “LIFE” values, epitomizing Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency, and guides the Company in its day-to-day work. 


In a nutshell, Corporate Governance at BCSL seeks to uphold the Company’s core values with ethical business conduct, as well as a commitment to maximise value for all stakeholders through innovation driven projects, aimed at promoting sustainable business activities.


Bayer CropScience Ltd. welcomes the Corporate Governance Code. We have a long-standing committment to these principles in the interest of value creation.