Innovation Hub

Innovation Hub

At Bayer, we are dedicated to accelerating breakthrough innovations in agriculture to enhance the productivity and profitability of smallholders.


Our goal is to foster and implement new technologies and strategies that increase efficiency, conserve resources, and significantly improve the lives of farmers and consumers. To this end, Bayer inaugurated its first Innovation Hub in Bengaluru, India. This Hub is designed to screen early-phase compounds, expediting the development of innovative solutions to address the agricultural challenges faced by Indian farmers.


The Innovation Hub plays a crucial role in shaping the future of Indian agriculture, boasting capabilities to integrate drone application technology, digital tools including IoT devices, modern crop protection research, and sustainable agricultural practices.


Key features of the Innovation Hub include:

  • Sustainable Infrastructure: Contributing to sustainable development, the Innovation Hub is powered by solar energy. All equipment and operations are powered by solar panels, allowing the Hub to operate sustainably and reinforcing our objective of reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Strategic Location: Positioned to facilitate collaboration across various functions, the Hub develops tailored solutions for different crops, offering sustainable options for smallholder farmers.
  • State-of-the-Art Capabilities: Equipped with modern technologies such as drones and digital tools like weather stations, soil probe sensors, and digital pest monitoring systems, the Hub drives sustainable growth and the advancement of precision agriculture. By integrating these technologies with agricultural innovations, we aim to shape the roadmap for sustainable farming in India while strengthening food security.
  • Outreach and Knowledge Sharing: The Hub provides opportunities for outreach and knowledge sharing, enhancing crop knowledge among our internal and external stakeholders.