125 Years of Bayer in India

What drives us is creating a better life for everyone. Over the last 125 years, we have made significant contributions towards advancing agriculture and healthcare in India while promoting inclusive and sustainable growth through innovation. Guided by our mission: ‘Health for All, Hunger for None’, we will continue to create a better future for all.

What makes us smile?

When we see a young woman agri-entrepreneur from Jharkhand (Ranchi), guiding more than a thousand smallholder farmers to better yields and prosperity,

We smile.

When we see mothers, wives, daughters, and woman of all ages, equipped to make informed choices about their health,  

We smile.

When we see families across the country prioritizing self-care,

and each individual being able to pursue their dreams, and welfare,

We smile.

When we see partners joining hands and coming together,

to make a sustainable impact for the future,

We smile.

When we look back on the last 125 years of Bayer in India,

and the difference we have made to lives here,

We smile.

Old label once used on a dyestuff package destined for India.

We started our journey back in 1896.Through the years, we evolved and focused our efforts in addressing some of the major trends making significant contributions to a variety of industries from agricultural and public health products to pharmaceuticals, rubber technology, diagnostics, dyestuffs, thermoplastic polyurethanes, photographic chemicals and paper. We innovated and adapted products specifically for India. We celebrated partnerships that have lasted more than 50 years.

Did you know?

We have 13000+ employees and associates of Bayer across India

Today, we have established ourselves as a Life Science company. We have become a trusted brand that millions of Indians can rely on – especially in the fields of agriculture, health and sustainability. We have aligned our focus to national priorities like doubling farmers’ income, creating access to innovative health solutions, prioritizing self-care, manufacturing in India for domestic & global markets, advancing digital solutions, enhancing rural prosperity and empowering people & communities.


Now we look forward to the future - Where we can help provide food and nutrition for all while respecting natures resources. Where we can bring innovative disease treatments or transform everyday health for billions of Indians. Where we can achieve the ambitious sustainable development targets we set ourselves.


As a global multinational company with a proud local heritage in India, we will continue to collaborate, develop our science, bring sustainable solutions to new fields, engage with society, and create a better future.