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Brian Naber

Brian Naber

Brian Naber is Non-Executive Non-Independent Director for Bayer CropScience Limited since March 19, 2022.


Brian Naber is the Global Asset Management Lead for Insecticides based out of Monheim, Germany responsible for the mid and long-term strategy of our insecticide pest management portfolio. Prior to accepting this role, he was the Northern Europe cluster commercial lead for the 9 countries of northern Europe.


Brian has been with Bayer and legacy companies since 1998, in a series of roles across multiple locations, functions, and countries. The first 20 years he was based in the United States. He started as a sales representative in Minnesota and South Dakota. He moved to St Louis in 2003 where he started as the U.S. markets training specialist in human resources before moving over to the animal ag business as the POSILAC brand manager. In 2007, Brian moved to Memphis, Tennessee where he was the area sales manager for the Delta East team covering the states of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama. In 2009, Brian moved back to St. Louis as the U.S. corn pricing lead before moving to the corn product management lead, then the soybean product management lead, then the global marketing lead for vegetables seeds business, and then United States commercial lead.


Brian has a Bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness management from Southwest Minnesota State University and an MBA from Saint Louis University.


Brian Naber was appointed as an Additional Director – Non-Executive Non-Independent on the Board with effect from January 1, 2022 and his appointment was regularized vide a resolution passed by Postal Ballot on March 19, 2022.


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