Crop Science

We’re committed to a world where biodiversity thrives in harmony with humankind. Where hunger and climate change are terms relegated to history books. Where farms are more sustainable, with plants that are more adaptive and resilient, to help improve life for families and communities. In short, where agriculture is part of the solution.


As a leader in the agriculture sector, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to grasp this moment. In the face of changing climate, limited natural resources and a growing population, there has never been a greater need for innovation in agriculture. At Bayer, we’re a responsible, global team working to shape agriculture through breakthrough innovation for the benefit of farmers, consumers and our planet.


In India, our Crop Science division works with nearly 20 million (2 crore) farmers. As market leaders in crop protection and with businesses in seeds, traits, biologicals, digital farming and environmental science, we are committed to advancing Indian agriculture & promoting India as a key provider for agricultural solutions globally. Our key crop segments in india include rice, corn, cotton, fruits and vegetables that are suited for various geographic & agri-climatic zones across the country.  


Small Farms with a Large Impact

More than 500 million smallholder farmers feed the growing population in Asia, Africa, and South America. Owning small plots of land where they can typically only harvest one or two crops, smallholders often  lack the resources needed to move from subistence farming to commerical farming. These farmers face unique challenges that require tailored solutions. At Bayer, our objective remains to empower more than a 100 million smallholder farmers in developing countries around the world by providing increased access to sustainable agricultural solutions.. We aim to empower them through collaborative partnerships and innovative solutions that expand agricultural know-how to address their most challenging issues.


Better Life Farming alliance

In India, the ‚Better Life Farming‘ alliance is a long-term partnership between Bayer, IFC (International Finance Corporation), Netafim, Yara, DeHaat, Agri Bazaar and Big Basket. It aims at enabling smallholder farmers to unlock their full farming potential. With knowledge of good agricultural practices and access to the latest technologies, smallholder farmers can increase their crop yields, crop quality and achieve higher farm incomes, thus creating a better life for their families. In 2018, the ‘Better Life Farming’ (BLF) alliance introduced an agri-entrepreneurshop model. This model empowers rural youth to run 'Better Life Farming' centers where they provide knowledge transfer on the latest technologies in seeds, crop protection, crop nutrition, drop irrigation, soil management, financial literacy, etc. to other smallholder farmers. They also deliver services such as market linkages, access to inputs and crop advisory. Each center covers a group of 500 farmers from five to six nearby villages. By 2025, the alliance aims to serve 2.5 million smallholder farmers across India. To learn more about our global projects under Better Life Farming, visit


Food Chain Partnerships

Food Chain Partnership is an innovative business model developed by Bayer in 2007 to serve the needs of the global food industry. This initiative focuses on collaboration between farmers, processors, traders and retailers to meet consumer demand for sustainable production of healthy, high-quality and affordable food. With its Food Chain Partnership projects, Bayer provides farmers with innovative crop protection products, seeds and services, as well as advice on the optimal use of products and application technologies. Bayer also helps farmers get certified and gain relevant knowledge and skills to successfully market their produce in local, regional and international markets. Globally, there are 524 Food Chain Partnerships across 44 countries in 76 different crops, In India, Bayer has  73 Food Chain Partnerships covering 16 crops and benefitting 89,000 farmers (as of Dec 2019). In 19, Bayer conducted  29 BayG.A.P. training programs for  1,031 Indian farmers to help them learn good agricultural practices and get certified for exporting their produce. To learn more, visit:


Public Health

We are working together with our customers to protect the spaces where we live, work and play through our services in professional pest control and vector control. In India, through pest control we ensure the safety of homes, commerical spaces and public infrastructure spaces. Through vector control, we aim to enhance public health and support malaria elimination in India by 2030 and reduce incidence of vector-borned diseases such as dengue. To learn more, visit



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