Baylab India

Bayer is convinced that scientific knowledge is essential to face future challenges. For this reason, the company focuses not only on its own research activities but also on the general promotion and strengthening of education and research.


Through our worldwide Baylab programs, and along with international and local partners, we want to provide sustainable improvements and lasting benefits for the communities of our sites. The aim is to get young people interested in and excited about our topics, and to encourage them to take part in these disciplines. To enable them to have their first contact with this world, to promote their joy of discovery and to support them in developing their individual skills.


Baylab India

The Baylab in Bangalore strives to stimulate scientific curiosity and raise awareness in the city's student community. Interactive workshops with live insects, plants, demos and specimens help students understand how science and technology are used to produce products for farmers around the world.







Educational program was founded in 2015; since 2019 part of the Baylab community


approx. 2,000 per year (15 to 18 years old)

Thematic Focus:

Plant Breeding, Plant Biotechnology, Digital Agriculture, Microbials and Chemicals and how they are used in Agriculture

Background and



The Baylab at the biotech site Bangalore, India, is visited by students and faculties from educational institutes in Bangalore and neighboring cities and even university students from the US come to understand more about "global biotechnology" and its impact in India. Students who visit the site get an insight into the high throughput molecular biology labs and insect labs and gain a better understanding of how science and technology are used to produce products for farmers around the world.


Baylab India also reaches out to schools and colleges in the city to teach and demonstrate simple molecular biology experiments and help them understand the benefits of science