Capacity building for smallholder farmers

Since the start of the pandemic, smallholder farmers have been facing numerous hardships resulting in a decline to their income. The capacity building Corporate Societal Engagement (CSE) initiative of Bayer aims to build long-term resilience for smallholder farmers, by hand holding them during the entire crop cycle and supporting them with various agri-inputs to help them sustain.


Over 2,00,000 smallholder farmers trained for ag tech best practices

smallholder farmers

Farming is a labour intensive activity which heavily depends on various external factors. The lockdown due to the pandemic has also caused unforeseen problems for the Indian smallholder farmers. During this critical time, Bayer Foundation India (formerly known as Bayer Prayas Association) together with nearly 50 NGO’s and a massive field force collaborated to train over 2,00,000 smallholder famers across 18 states in India, on various topics to help improve yield and minimize loss due to pest attack.


The smallholder farmers were provided in-depth training on crop agronomy practices advisory, stewardship, safety and general health tips and awareness on vector control. They were also trained on use of safety equipment, safe & judicious use of crop protection products, disposal of pesticides and safe practices to be adopted for Covid 19.

I am happy that the training helped me to get more information on sowing techniques, correct transplanting methods and effective water management. This will surely help me to have a better produce in the future.
Farmer - Jama Pedenti
Kolnara, Rayagada, Odisha

The training placed special focus on educating and empowering women smallholder farmers and migrant labourers who returned to their villages and took up farming in their small family farms.

I found the training on safe use of pesticides and its disposal very useful. I will ensure that my family members follow it strictly.
Famer - Basumati Singh
Durgapur, Mayurbhanj, Odisha

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