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Program for Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence (PPPSV) against children and women

While child sexual abuse is a universal phenomenon, India is known to have the world’s largest number of sexually abused children in absolute numbers. This is no surprise considering that 53.22% Indian children experience one or more forms of sexual abuse before they turn 18.


To make a positive impact by preventing sexual violence against women and children, Bayer along with King Edward Memorial Hospital Research Centre (KEMHRC), Pune Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine, Charite University Clinic of Berlin and an advisory council of experts from India launched an collaborative and innovative initiative - Program for Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence (PPPSV).


The idea of primary prevention is to stop the act from occurring, thus safeguarding women and children from sexual violence and its after-effects. The initiative focuses on three aspects of primary prevention: research, treatment and deterrence.



As part of the treatment, an online assessment tool –‘Troubled Desire’ (troubled-desire.com) was introduced in India in 2017. This tool allows free and confidential access to any person, who feels sexually attracted to children and early adolescents. The person accessing this tool can use it to self-manage his desires or has the choice to get free and confidential treatment and counselling in KEMRHC, Pune. This treatment option (in KEMHRC) is restricted strictly to non-offenders. Contact toll free number- 1800-123-8905.


A video on “Troubled Desire” – The Lift



Say YES to ‘NO’ app


‘NO’ App, a mobile application has also been developed and released in 2018 with an objective of decreasing sexual violence in the community through deterrence. The app has the simple functionality of a geolocation, which can activate a distress call when facing sexual threat or harassment. It reaches out to contacts through a group created by you and other users in the immediate vicinity with location details, who can then navigate to the spot to become supportive bystanders. Additionally, there is also a call-center that works 24/7 to support distress calls swiftly and efficiently.


The underlying principle is that mere awareness of supportive bystanders being informed, deters potential offenders from carrying out an attack and helps avert incidences which cause life-long trauma.


Type “No KEMHRC” in Play Store to download the ‘NO’ App.


Read more on :  www.dontoffendindia.org