Stronger Together in the fight against Covid-19

I write this post with mixed feelings, while I am deeply pained with all that is going around, I am also moved and proud of the collective efforts of institutions and individuals coming together to fight the #Covid-19 pandemic. Never have we witnessed anything like this in terms of strong collaboration and quick mobilization of support. I also salute the relentless efforts of our frontline health workers, the government, NGOs, voluntary citizen groups and every single hero in the community who is helping us inch forward in these unprecedented times. I am particularly filled with pride, to see a number of #Bayerheroes show up every day to support our employees, their families and their local communities. This is a battle that we will overcome, better and stronger. Stay strong! #TeamBayer

We are proud to continue the Covid-19 efforts we initiated last year as immediate response to support our employees, customers and communities. This time we are moving ahead with a significant and targeted intensification to fight the second wave of the pandemic.


Standing strong with our employees and their families

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We understand that it is a period of tremendous strain for everyone and so, we have rolled out a special Covid-19 healthcare policy for employees and their immediate families to cover hospitalization expenses over and above the insurance limits. We have also introduced a 24x7 helpline for emergency support, free medical teleconsultation amongst many other ongoing efforts. Additionally, we are sponsoring vaccination for our employees and their families, facilitating onsite camps and offsite mobilization in liaison with hospital chains and vaccination providers, wherever possible.


Working closely with local communities

Communities have always been a focus for us at #TeamBayer and we just announced an extension of our existing relief measures towards the same. We have set up a helpline to provide psychological support to paramedics, frontline workers and rural farming communities who have been under tremendous strain since the start of the pandemic. We have re-purposed an existing nitrogen plant at our manufacturing facility at Vapi, Gujarat to generate oxygen for a local hospital.



We are also working to equip primary health centers (PHCs) in rural communities across India with oxygen concentrators and masks, collaborating with the Government of Maharashtra, NASSCOM and WNS to manage 30 Intensive Care Unit beds via telemedicine solutions, and working along with the State Government to facilitate an 80-bed Covid-19 care center at Chittegaon, Aurangabad. We are also supporting marginalized communities with nutritious food through the Roti Foundation.


We won’t let a health crisis become a food crisis!

This year has been nothing less than a roller-coaster ride for all of us. Yet, through all this, our teams have ensured that our customers have been supported all throughout the pandemic. Farmers continued to have access to essential agri-inputs and advisory to continue food production and strengthen food security. Through the ‘Better Farms, Better Lives’ initiative, Bayer provided 4,00,000 smallholder farmers with immediate access to basic agri-inputs and crop advisory in 204 districts across 17 states, spanning key crops such as rice, corn, vegetables and millet to support their critical livelihood needs. Patients and consumers continued to receive steady supply of critical resources to meet their health and self-care needs. Patients and consumers continued to receive steady supply of critical resources to meet their health and self-care needs.


Making self-care a priority: "Ladega India Aur, Sehat Se Badhega India"

During these unprecedented times, we believe, we have a larger role to play in bringing to life our global vision of 'Health for all, Hunger for none'. We feel proud to have introduced our global self-care business in India, especially now at a time when it is most needed. With a call to action of "Ladega India Aur, Sehat Se Badhega India", we want to empower the transformation of everyday health for all Indians, so that each one of us can take charge of our health, and the health of our loved ones.


I am optimistic about the future as I see around me - strong and relentless collaboration between corporates, individuals, governments, international communities, industry bodies and the society at large. I would also like to invite more NGOs, corporates and organizations to join hands and create a larger impact. This is a battle that we will surely overcome and emerge better and stronger.


Stay safe, stay strong and stay healthy!


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This article was first published on LinkedIn